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Walmart Marketplace Account Management.

With the acceleration of Walmart's growth in eCommerce, many sellers are turning to this marketplace to establish their presence and access a wider audience. Our team at Seller Interactive has the knowledge and experience to provide your brand with the resources to succeed and advance your company's growth and profitability through Walmart account management.
Recognized as an official Walmart Agency Solution Provider
Trusted by Over 300 Brand Partners
Seller Interactive has worked with 300+ brands to reach their goals on various marketplaces. Our clients are consistently satisfied with the results of the partnerships, as seen in our Google and Clutch reviews.

$40M+ Annual Sales in Management
Our Walmart marketplace management service team delivers the best outcomes possible. Seller Interactive has achieved annual sales of $40M+ for our brands collectively and continues to produce amazing results.
Significant Sales Improvement
Brands have been able to consistently increase their sales by 20–100% month over month with the help of Seller Interactive. Our clients see astonishing improvements after partnering with SI.

Getting started with Walmart Marketplace Account Management.

Start by getting in touch with a Seller Interactive team member to see if our Walmart marketplace management services align with your goals. Once you’ve determined that we're a fit, we'll begin the onboarding process and develop the best strategy to execute for your brand.

Step 1: Contact us for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation.
Step 2: Complete the Walmart seller account setup checklist and connect with your account manager.
Step 3: Establish brand alignment and develop a strategic marketing plan for Walmart Marketplace.


Eligibility Requirements and Pricing.

If you're ready to take your brand to the next level on Walmart Marketplace, we can help. Contact us if you have

• an existing eCommerce presence,
• a reliable and fast fulfillment,
• a US-based or Canada-based company, and
• competitive pricing for your products.

Pricing will vary depending on the number of parent product listings in your catalog and the services needed. To receive more information, contact us. We'll provide you with a customized quote and a proposal based on the scope of services required.

Our Full Seller Account Management Service for Amazon Covers:

Setting Up a Seller Central Account

Issues concerning your seller account will never be a problem with our management agency at the helm. We'll set up your account immediately and guide you through all the intricacies of registering your account.

Setting Up a Seller Central Account

Issues concerning your seller account will never be a problem with our management agency at the helm. We'll set up your account immediately and guide you through all the intricacies of registering your account.

Product Title

The title is a crucial element of your Amazon listing. Avoid common SEO and copywriting blunders here by letting SI create product titles written for both the Amazon algorithm and the human reader.

Product Videos

A video encourages viewers to stay on listings longer, which makes them more likely to convert. Our videos showcase at least three benefits or features of your product and how to use it. We also shoot the actual item instead of merely generating a slide of product photos with text overlays.

Bullet Points

Most shoppers don’t read product descriptions in full. Bullet points come in handy here. We write bullet points that highlight the best benefits of your item and contain hyper-relevant keywords that engage the search engine.

A+ Content

A+ Content allows you to add graphics, tables, and other elements to your Amazon description page to engage readers and provide them with more information to consider when purchasing your product. For us to produce A+ Content for you, you must register your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I open my Walmart Marketplace account?
Complete these requirements for your Walmart Marketplace application.

• US business tax ID (Walmart doesn’t accept SSN)
• Complete US business address or physical operations hub/warehouse
• W9 or W8 and EIN verification letters from the Department of Treasury confirming your US business address or physical operations hub (Submitted as PDF attachments)
• Primary product categories, catalog size, and other related details
• Planned integration method for your product catalogs
• Brand success history on other eCommerce channels
• For international sellers:
• Foreign Entity Tax I
• W8-ECI or W-8BEN-E tax classification
• Foreign Entity Business Address
What are the benefits of having an account manager for Walmart businesses of all sizes?
You will enjoy the following benefits when you work with an Walmart account manager:

• Save time and resources
• Get plans and strategies based on current marketplace guidelines and updates
• Accomplish and submit requirements promptly
• Get expert recommendations to scale your business on Walmart
• Skip the learning curve and minimize rookie mistakes
How much does your Amazon optimization service cost?
It depends. You can get it as an a la carte service or as part of our full account management service.

To get detailed pricing information and discuss your specific requirements, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to provide a customized quote based on your unique business goals.

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