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Brand Protection Solution for Amazon

Dealing with a counterfeit seller or hijacker can get expensive fast. These bad actors are relentless in infringing upon your brand and selling knockoffs. Without brand protection services for Amazon, your sales will take a huge hit, and so will your expenses.

At Sapient Commerce, we want to relieve you of this hassle by providing the support and assistance you need. With our Amazon brand protection services, brand owners will have a team of experts to police counterfeit listings, unauthorized sellers, fake reviews, and more. The quicker you avoid them, the faster you can grow a strong brand on the Amazon marketplace.
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Close Monitoring
As sly as hijackers and counterfeiters are, they leave telltale indications that give them away. To untrained eyes, these can be hard to detect, but not with our hawk-eyed team. Our expertise in the field and vigilance in monitoring your brand account and activities allow us to spot the presence of such sellers long before they can do any damage.
Immediate Measures
Our ability to spot dishonest business practices and the entities behind them is backed up by a comprehensive knowledge of apprehending them correctly. As soon as we've confirmed their presence, we immediately take measures under Amazon FBA guidelines. We carry these out without hesitation to protect your brand while bringing black-hat practitioners to justice.
Reliable Protection
Our extensive experience with Amazon has equipped us with a comprehensive knowledge of its guidelines and standards. Given our training and dedication to delivering results that meet or exceed expectations, count on us as your first line of defense against any market threat.

Dealing with Amazon Hijackers.

If you're currently experiencing being hijacked on your Amazon Listings, here are three tips that you could do to protect yourself from these counterfeiters.

Secure Your Growth with our Amazon Brand Protection Services .

Protect your brand against hijackers.

Unscrupulous sellers on Amazon are on the rise. Hijackers and counterfeiters don’t discriminate between old and new selling accounts, trying to resell their products and steal the Buy Box. Their presence threatens your hard-won growth and reputation. To guard yourself against them, count on Sapient Commerce's brand protection services.

We believe in honest business.

For over five years, our brand protection programs have proven invaluable to Amazon sellers worldwide, propelling their growth and safeguarding their interests. We have mastered its ins and outs. With this come awareness and vigilance of malicious entities out to make a profit at the expense of driving other businesses to ruin.

We provide solutions to secure your brand

Don't let hijackers and counterfeiters impede your business’s growth. Defend your brand by allying with our team. We provide tactical solutions for effectively detecting threats, protecting your brand, and securing your business's interest.

Our Brand Protection Services for Amazon Cover.

Brand Registry
Our team will help you register your unique brand with Amazon. A trademark is required to begin this process.

Daily Monitoring
We’ll meticulously track and identify any attempts to infringe upon your products with our expertise and advanced monitoring tools.
We’ll report hijackers and counterfeiters and hold Amazon accountable to take action.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I protect my brand on Amazon?
There are several ways to protect a brand from any unauthorized seller on Amazon.
Amazon Brand Registry
Bundle your products
Cease-and-desist letters
Awareness of strange product reviews
Custom logos and packaging
Protection of intellectual property
Using these methods and the resources made available to you by Amazon is a great way to get started. The process and upkeep are crucial to maintaining your listings; safety, so it's essential to continuously watch out for suspicious activity.
What if I don't have a registered brand yet?
It will be challenging to protect your listings. A generic product means any merchant can sell something identical in the marketplace, regardless of whether you designed or manufactured the product yourself.
That's why we at Sapient Commerce encourage our selling partners and clients to register their brands. It is a differentiating feature that helps you build a case against counterfeiters and hijackers. Additionally, having a brand allows you to enhance your listings with A+ Content and advertise using Sponsored Brands, which broadens your customer reach and appeal.
We understand that registering your brand can be daunting. That's why we offer brand registry support as part of our services.
Why should I get brand protection services?
It takes a lot of work to police the Amazon marketplace. Apart from checking counterfeit products online, you also have to go through a lengthy cease-and-desist process for them.
Brand protection services take all the work off your plate and make sure your products reach their full sales potential by eliminating counterfeiters and hijackers.

Our Full Seller Account Management Service for Amazon Covers:

Setting Up a Seller Central Account

Getting started on Amazon can get tricky - it's essential to build a strong foundation for your product and storefront to set yourself up for success. Sapient Commerce you get the wheels moving so that your seller account is in the right position for marketing, inventory, account health, and more

Listing Optimization

let's take your Amazon Detail Page to the next level with listing optimization. In optimizing your product page, we look for gaps in your content, opportunities for an upgrade, and thoroughly keyword-researched content. This allows us to utilize them for increasing and maintaining your pages' conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Emphasizing the importance of Search Engine Optimization on Amazon is crucial. SEO is the organic method of bridging the gap between your product listings and Amazon customers. Sapient Commerce knows how important keywords are to improving your brand's visibility on Amazon. That's why we make it a point to use only the most profitable ones for your product, including long-tail, high-volume keywords unknown to your competitors.

Enhanced Brand Content

Allow us to improve your listing's conversion rate by highlighting your product's benefits with Enhanced Brand Content. We'll provide keyword-indexed compelling copies that elaborate further on the advantages your product offers. These will be presented in a strategic layout with captivating images that perfectly complement your brand image's targeted descriptions.

Product Listing Management

We handle all processes involving your product listings, from placing them in their specific category down to adding precise details like SKU, content, search terms, attributes, and more. Additionally, we also take charge of doing bulk and parent-child listings for your products on Amazon and other details that contribute towards winning the buy box through Seller Central.

Brand Registry & Protection

Registering your brand on Amazon is an extensive procedure that requires paperwork, effort, and patience. In partnering with our account management team, expect that we'll manage each process diligently and take cake charge of submitting your documents. We'll safeguard your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers and optimize on Amazon Brand Registry features.

Product Launch

Successful Product Launches can often be a challenging process. With us at the helm, you can look forward to a strategically planned and executed launch that elicits favorable customer feedback. We use effective marketing techniques and combine these with adequate brand-protective measures that keep your content safe from hijackers and counterfeiters in the Amazon Marketplace.

Prep & Logistics

Sapient Commerce provides safe and reliable services for all your shipment, prep, and logistical needs. Our years of experience in various categories have made us experts in all the rules and guidelines involving shipments and how to manage Amazon accounts.

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