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Listing Optimization Service for Amazon

Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm makes it difficult to keep up. Yesterday's best practices on images and keywords may not necessarily work today. A listing optimization service for Amazon worth its salt must therefore have an adaptable strategy because “set it and forget it” simply won't cut it.

Sapient Commerce understands what Amazon evaluates in your listings, making them valuable search results for potential customers. Our team focuses on assessing your listing and scanning it for pain points. We monitor, update, and deliver high-quality listings for the shoppers’ convenience and for the Amazon ranking algorithm to boost sales.
Drive More Sales
Putting together well-constructed product listings increases the chances for shoppers to find them on Amazon search. Having your product detailed in a way that accurately highlights its benefits and features gives potential buyers more reason to purchase and leave a review.
Increase Traffic
Pages with high conversion rates also get higher search rankings. Amazon awards this boost to pages that convert more. This privilege further increases customer searches and results in brand visibility, which leads to your selling success.
Build Brand Trust
Optimized listings effectively communicate the offers to both the customers and the Amazon algorithm. Ensuring that your detail page is performing means delivering shoppers all the information they need through descriptions and images before purchase. The more accurate your listing, the stronger the brand trust you can develop with your customers.

Creating High-Converting Listings with an Amazon Listing Optimization Service.

What does it take to double your listing’s conversion? Learn how to optimize the small details in your listing that have a massive impact on your ROI.

Elevate Your Product Page Ranking To Profitable Heights.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

At Sapient Commerce, ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the competition is our goal. We can help you create the ideal product pages with product images, bullet points, and A+ Content (previously called Enhanced Brand Content). To help your brand maintain its optimal ranking, we also continue to optimize your Amazon listings regularly to keep up with trends and your competition.

Drive Conversion Rates

In optimizing your product pages, we maximize keyword rankings. Our Amazon SEO proficiency, combined with our listing optimization service, makes us competent when it comes to extensive keyword research, which includes competitor analysis and the inclusion of back-end search terms. This allows us to efficiently use the right keywords to rank higher on Amazon search engine results while increasing and maintaining your pages' conversion rates.

Our Listing Optimization Service for Amazon Covers:

Listing Audit

Optimizing Amazon product pages consist of several moving parts. To do that, we assess each of them on an ongoing basis to ensure you climb the search results and stay there.

Listing Images

Our professional designers are responsible for taking your ideas and bringing them to life. The end result: a hero image and secondary listing images that align with your vision and comply with Amazon’s rules and restrictions.

Product Title

The title is a crucial element of your Amazon listing. Avoid common SEO and copywriting blunders here by letting SI create product titles written for both the Amazon algorithm and the human reader.

Product Videos

A video encourages viewers to stay on listings longer, which makes them more likely to convert. Our videos showcase at least three benefits or features of your product and how to use it. We also shoot the actual item instead of merely generating a slide of product photos with text overlays.

Bullet Points

Most shoppers don’t read product descriptions in full. Bullet points come in handy here. We write bullet points that highlight the best benefits of your item and contain hyper-relevant keywords that engage the search engine.

A+ Content

A+ Content allows you to add graphics, tables, and other elements to your Amazon description page to engage readers and provide them with more information to consider when purchasing your product. For us to produce A+ Content for you, you must register your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does listing optimization work on Amazon?
To optimize your Amazon product pages effectively, it's crucial to pay attention to several key factors. Regularly monitoring and updating the following sections is essential for achieving optimal results:
Strategic product title
Well-written product descriptions
High-quality product images
Thoroughly researched back-end keywords
How do I get my product noticed on Amazon?
Not many Amazon sellers know about the power of PPC campaign insights to supercharge your product listing. By analyzing your PPC keywords’ performance and harvesting high-performing search terms for your product description, you can improve your listing’s visibility, relevance, and conversion rate.
What makes a good product page?
A good product page consists of:
high-quality images;
keyword-rich title, bullet points, and description;
back-end keywords;
genuine positive reviews;
answered questions; and
stellar customer support.
Further, including the following is a bonus:
A+ Content
Product videos
Is SEO the same as listing optimization?
No, they’re not the same. It’s a common misconception that when you subscribe to search engine optimization services, your listing will also improve. SEO helps potential customers find your product; listing optimization compels them to hit the Buy Now button. While SEO and listing optimization services for Amazon do overlap, SEO focuses more on discoverability. On the other hand, listing optimization aims to provide a quality shopper experience.
How much does your Amazon optimization service cost?
It depends. You can get it as an a la carte service or as part of our full account management service.

To get detailed pricing information and discuss your specific requirements, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to provide a customized quote based on your unique business goals.

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